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What Should I do If Someone Else Can See My Circles Titles
It is our understanding that Google does not allow others to see the titles you create for your circles.  If you believe that someone can actually see the title you have created for your circles, we suggest you contact Google directly.
Also, if you created a group title that was in anyway mean spirited, we suggest you cry.  If the people you placed in those circles truly can see the title, they will most likely be mad at you.  Have fun explaining to them the reason for your circle title and the reason you place them in that circle.

Here are some comments from Google on their website on July 18, 2011, "When you place people into circles, or when you share with your circles, we won't disclose the titles of the circles people are in. People in circles that you share with may be able to see some of the others with whom that content was also shared."

Note: Policies, rules, regulations, methods, etc., for programs change often.  Please consult directly with Google regarding their products and or services.  Information on this site may be outdated by the time you read them.

About Google Circles:

This description was from the Google site July 18th, 2011, "Google+ Circles helps you organize everyone according to your real-life social connections--say, 'family,' 'work friends,' 'music buddies,' and 'alumni'. Then, you can share relevant content with the right people, and follow content posted by people you find interesting. For example, you might post an announcement about your engagement and show it only to people in your friends and family circles, or maybe you see a post from the circle you created for your book club that there's a recent article on your favorite author." 

Learn about circles from the Google website (more about circles).  Watch a Circles Introduction Video.

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